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Re: Route for Backup Camera Cables

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I tagged this onto a previous post, but got no response. I thought it might do better standalone.

I have installed a license plate backup camera which is supported by the Alpine head unit I used to replace my CDR-220 but I can't see a way to get the cables through the firewall. All the cable bundles seem to disappear into the top of the fender well and I can't see the boot where they pass through the firewall. Does anyone know an easy route to get a cable from the rear trunk into the console where I have snaked the wiring from the head unit?


There is a path through the firewall over the left rear fender. Remove the trunk liner in that area and you should be able to see it. You will have to remove or fold back the carpet along the left side interior.
Google Pelican Parts "Cruse Control Retrofit" and there are some pics.

Ed B
Thanks! I did pull the liner and looked, but apparently not well enough. I could see the wiring harness disappear up on top of the wheel well, but couldn't see the firewall penetration. The PP photos should help.

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