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Re: Loooooong time lurker... finally an owner...

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Literally, almost from the beginning of Chuck's presence on the web starting with PPBB.com, I've been enthusiastically reading and enjoying Boxsters and Caymans vicariously through many, many people's experiences. About two months ago, I became an owner. I bought a 2000 Boxster S at a Copart auction in the Denver area. It seems to have been run into a curb and had some very minor damage to the passenger front fender, the front bumper and the front passenger suspension. The wheel was bent, the rotor hat was broken, as were the sway bar link, lower control arm and control arm link. The wheel bearing was also partially pulled out of the carrier assembly and the inner and outer tie rods were also slightly bent. Other than that, the car is in very good condition. I've replaced all of the damaged bits and have adjusted the toe so that it's "close enough" and it runs and drives very well.

It would seem that this one has been saved from the giant scrap heap in the sky and I'm enjoying it very, very much.

Thank you all for your experiences and stories over the years. I've enjoyed you all so much and look forward to being an active participant in the community.

Happy Boxstering,

Well done, Dan!

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Congratulations, Dan. Sounds like it's been a long wait for you. Glad you were finally able to get one of these great cars, and just in time for the convertible season. Hope we get to see some pictures and more stories of how you're enjoying the car.
where are the pictures? smiling smiley
Congratulations--sounds like a good find; post some pics...
Welcome! Always happy to hear when another 986 has been saved. These cars are too great to end up on the scrap heap. Post some pics!

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Boxsterra - 8 months ago
I recommend you find where the local Porsche gatherings are. The people are great in real life too.
... happy to have you finally become a Boxster owner.
Sounds like you took care of all the issues from the incident. Good job!
As Boxsterra said, there are many great guys and gals that regularly enjoy their Porsches in your area.
My recommendation is that you join PCA (click on the PCA banner above).
Happy Boxstering,

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Congrats and welcome
grant - 8 months ago
Great car, and Denver's a great place to have such a car. What roads out in the mountains! ( i have a shared cabin outside Fairplay).

Sounds like you got it sorted. Fun taking out the knuckle - I'm in the process right now.

Enjoy the car. I'm sure you now that "close enough" isn't really and will have that made perfect. In fact, a really good shop can dial; it in to your liking and anticipated use (e.g.: if its a track rat or very aggressively used, you might want a tad more camber up front).


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Thanks, everyone, for the welcome! smiling smiley My wife and I are driving up to Aspen next weekend, so, I'll take some pics and will post them up.

Grant: I'm going to get it properly aligned. My eyeballs-and-seat alignment has been for shakedown cruises only. There's a still a numb spot right in the middle so the steering does lack a little bit of the immediacy that a properly aligned Boxster has.

I did replace the RF wheel and tire this week, too. The original was bent beyond repair. Any creative ideas for what to do with a damaged Turbo Twist? Not sure that I can float it by the wife as a coffee table. smiling smiley

Cheers and Happy Boxstering.

Congrats, man! That's totally awesome you finally got one!

I, myself, have been absent for ages. Again. As per usual... butI remember you from way back! Welcome, and cheers. You're gonna love that thing. :-)
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