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Well, most of the snow has melted here in our neck of the woods. Can't believe how late the CURVEN8R snoozed. Nice to see the most of the ice finally off the rivers and lakes. Hit a blistering 56 F here today and lots of sunshine.

Disconnected the CURVEN8R from life support, adjusted tire pressures, snuggled behind the wheel with key in left hand. Half twist, all the dash lights on, just as they should be. Finish the twist and the Symphony in Flat Six barked to life as if it had just been turned of yesterday. It still gives me that little tingle up my spine, every time I fire up the flat six. Let the engine warm up a bit, check all the gauges, fasten seatbelt, lower the roof and let the engine settle down to a normal idle.

Time to head out for the first drive. Just a short 40 mi. drive to get all the parts lubricated after the longest nap it's ever had. Had a couple of opportunities to let it stretch its legs.

Even had time to stop for a quick picture.

Life is good.

We have had some liquid H2O too, but I still can't get the Boxster out. It's mud season in NH and we still have up to 4 feet of snow in parts of our property. The snow will be gone sometime in May. Had to miss several days of DE due to mud in the driveway.
Enjoy a drive for me.

Ed B cool smiley
Had the top down yesterday on the way home from work in DC. Think this this the furthest into the season where I haven't had consecutive top-down days. Rained this morning, so top back up. Should be down on the way home.
I know the feeling well Guenter, Spring is just wonderful in Southern Ontario. Sunshine, blue skies and my 986 . Enjoy.
I have heard about this sn*w you speak of but haven't experienced it in sunny south Florida winking smiley See you soon my friend.
90+ degrees yesterday, 74 degrees today, 2 inches of snow in Littleton on Tuesday. Welcome to New Hampshire!

Ed B cool smiley.

And I complain about Canada!

13 Boxster, Racing Yellow, PDK, SC in yellow, 20" Carrera platinum wheels, sport steering wheel, yellow seat belts, yellow roll bars, 14 way power seats, PDL, sports tailpipe
The last of our snow melted yesterday! Hooray! Only six months until winter. sad smiley

Ed B
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