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Re: Boxster jerks at high rpm

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I am hope someone here can help with my issue and thanks. 03 Boxster S. I noticed that the car had to be turned over longer than usual to start a couple days ago and I didn't think anything of it. I did notice a new sound coming from what seemed like the right side of the car in front of the dash. It sounded like something trying to adjust itself over and over. It kind of sounded like the flaps in the air vents adjusting and not finding a stopping point and then re-adjusting. Yesterday went out and car cranked fine and drove to the gas station about 5 miles with no problems. After leaving station I got about 3 miles down the road and there was a hesitation like I took my foot off the gas then put it right back on. After about another mile it started to fumble and loosing power to a point that I pulled over. After pulling over it was idling rough and wouldn't take any gas but didn't shut off. I turned the car off then restarted the car and now it will run fine until you hit 4500 RPM then it starts to fumble again like you are taking your foot off the gas and on again very fast until you lower the RPM then fine again. From where the sound was coming from it seems like it could be the fuel pump or relay. Maybe it is getting enough fuel for the lower RPM range but at higher RPM it isn't getting enough. It threw codes P0335, P0336, and P1266. Anybody have this before or have any ideas where to start looking. Seems odd that it happened right after getting fuel. Thanks again Tim
Ok so took the car out this weekend to run some tests. First I cleared the codes the I let the car warm up to operating temps before driving. The car drove fine for the first 5 miles then the tach fluctuated down to 1000 rpm even though I was still going down the road at speed. Didn't notice anything in the running of the car after that except that the idle was up from 700RPM to 1000RPM and again at 4500 it starts to jerk like you are getting on the gas then off but really fast till you drop below 4500 then its fine.

Here is some info I got from Durametric after the car started acting up

These are all at idle.
Camshaft position 1 deviation 0.25
Camshaft position 2 deviation 2.63
Actual angle for inlet camshaft bank 1 0.09
Actual angle for inlet camshaft bank 2 128.00 < THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT!!
Spec angle for inlet camshaft bank 1 0.00
Spec angle for inlet camshaft bank 2 0.00
Tank pressure difference -20.4

One difference this time is that it didn't throw any codes.
P0335 and P0336 point to a crankshaft position sensor problem. You have to check the sensor connection and carefully check the sensor. It might have come loose and moves about which can affect the quality of its signal. If the signal is poor the engine controller may believe the engine is spinning slower than it actually is. A possible side effect is the tach can act erratically, although I would recommend you avoid driving the car even running engine any until you have this sorted.

The P1266 error code I'm not sure what this is. P1xxx codes are manufacturer specific and in some cases are different from model to model even possibly model year to model year (if for instance Porsche in this case goes to a newer engine controller version)

Eliminate (or fix) the crankshaft position. Then take up P1266.
Thanks Pedro. Replaced the crankshaft sensor and the problem was fixed. Tim
... are related to a crankshaft position sensor.
P1266 is a DME code that puts the car in "limp mode" when the DME senses a potentially damaging issue.
Replace the crank position sensor and erase the codes.
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