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Re: You know what's in western NC?

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As part of moving to Western North Carolina and getting plugged in to the local PCA region, I participated in Luft, Wasser & Brevard this past Saturday. It was a combination tour and car show with 100 Porsches displayed on Main Street in Brevard, There were a few 356’s up to a GT3 RS and everything in between including a couple Macan’s, Cayenne’s and even a Panamera. There were plenty of Boxsters and Caymans including a 1997 supercharged 986 all the way to 718’s. This was a great way to start getting the juices flowing for BRBS.

Here is a link to a write up and some pictures:

Luft, Wasser & Brevard
... thanks for posting, jg wnc.
Happy Porsche'ing,

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See you and lots of old friends in a couple of weeks, Boxsterra smiling bouncing smiley

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Boxsterra - 8 months ago
Re: thumbs upspinning smiley sticking its tongue outsmileys with beer
grc0456 - 8 months ago
Can't wait! Looking forward to some western NC driving, and after doing some parade laps at Loudon a few weeks ago - excited to do the same at Charlotte.

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Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks. Blue Ridge Parkway is only 10 minutes from the new home. Lots of interesting options for getting to BRBS from I-40/221/2226A to running all the way on the BRP. Decisions......... cool smiley
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