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I've spent the last little while geeking out on super-nerd detailing activities for both the Boxster and my new 911 recently, and when that happens, photo shoots must follow! Obviously. lol

Some of these are posted on some FB Boxster groups right now, but Pedro encouraged me to post 'em here, so I do what I'm told by The Man! haha

Hope you enjoy.

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Hey Voxster! I'm glad that you do as you're told. smiling smiley Those are beautiful shots of your car. I love the lighting and the SHINE wow of you car. It's a beauty and as always, unique.
Re: Photos!
grc0456 - 8 months ago
Really beautiful 986!

Gary 2003 Boxster Base - Midnight Blue Metallic, Savanna Beige, Metropol Blue
Re: Photos!
ff42racer - 8 months ago
I get an image error. Opening the URL sends me to sendspace.com. How can I open these images?

Re: Photos!
ff42racer - 8 months ago
That works. I remember the car from the west coast boxster fest.
It's been forever since then, but that was a fun event! What was that, 2007?

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