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You are absolutely correct....

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I've had intermittent ABS error warnings on my Spec Boxster for a while. The error codes move around to different corners of the car, usually indicating a ground circuit fault. New sensors / swapping sensors has not helped, so I believe some part of the ABS wiring has been damaged while working on suspension r&r.

I now have the Porsche ABS wiring repair kits in hand for the front L & R wiring. They have the sensor connectors at one end, and 4 bare wires (ABS & brake wear sensor signals) at the other, plus solder+crimp connectors and heat shrink. The L & R lengths are a bit different (longer R), so it looks to me like they are both meant to end on the driver side next to the battery / behind the shock top mount hole. It makes sense to me that splicing would occur here, just before the L & R bundles join the the big many-wires bundle that goes through the wall to the frunk and ABS unit connector (numerous other wires are that bundle, like for the L headlight, etc.)

Can anyone confirm or advise whether I'm on the right path regarding where to splice the wiring in? Thanks!
... that's where you should splice.
Take your time and make sure that the ends are tinned correctly.
The connections are critical.
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Thanks, Pedro. I actually did get some info indicating a splice location for the passenger side that is on that side, rather than doing both on the driver side. I can see where that wire bundle is accessible before it goes into the dash grommet and the interior. I will be deliberate and careful!
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