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Which wheels do you like better??

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Hey guys!

Just wondered your thoughts on the two different wheelsets I have. Leaving aside that the ride height is probably not what it should be for EITHER wheelset to look their best (currently US M030) and would look better with a ROW M030 upgrade either way...

Which do you like better right now?

19" Work VS-KF


The way it is now, with 18" 987 wheels

18" 987 wheels
db997S - 9 months ago
he 19s look too shinny and in a way like airplane propellers. Also, don't like how "inset" the propellers look with those wide/deep lip. But, it really depends what you like. Wheels are subjective and a matter of taste. I'm not into flash, and the 19s look a bit too flashy.
Never been a fan of lobster forks except when I'm in the Maritimes and dining.
... I like them both you should put the forks on the right and the deep dish on the left.
That way you can enjoy them both, depending on which side you're looking at.
Happy Boxstering,

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#2 *NM*
MikenOH - 9 months ago
The first set are too blingy for a Porsche.
Guenter in Ontario
The first set are too blingy for a Porsche.


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