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Re: Mission E test drive

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He gives disappointingly little detail about the driving dynamics.

Well, this is supposed to be an electric sedan, not s sports car. It's about getting people from point A to point B with minimum air pollution. Mark described it as stealth performance and stealth emotions. That's what I got out of the video too. I'm sure the Mission E will be really good at what it's supposed to do - things like getting there quietly with relatively little emissions and luxury appointments (as with all Porsches, there'll be lots of check boxes on the order form). Getting our hearts racing won't be one of its features, unless you get a charge out of 0 - 60 times. Although, I suppose 3.5 seconds of excitement is better than non. Then again, excitement (about driving) is not what this car is about.
The Panamera was just a luxury sedan, but reviews all raved about the driving and handling dynamics. Sales people all talked that up when it hit the show rooms. They even took many salesmen to tracks to test it against the Maserati sedan, its biggest competitor. Supposedly the Panamera slayed it. Guess, just different marketing techniques for a different sort of animal, but thought they were also working on a "performance-based" Mission E that was going to forego range for 0-60 times, sort of like the top-end Tesla. So, they should be talking handling dynamics.
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