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Is it a bad idea to get a used one? I'm think so, as it seems like it's not a very robust part.

Anyone try an aftermarket stalk assembly? Rock auto and others?

Mine has been a bit wonky for a while, but it broke today at a trackday I was at. Signaling my whole group to pass me in the 1st few sessions...

Humbling being slowest in your group.

Got one at whale tail in Waterloo... Used... Works perfect, cleaned up nice.
2 weeks in,

and I've noticed a plastic on plastic squeek when turning the steering wheel. (squeek is coming from somewhere in the steering column)... It's been getting warm lately, so maybe the plastic's expanding?

A quick shot of wd40 behind the wheel?
Pedro (Weston, FL) - 9 months ago
... do not spray any petroleum-based products on plastic.
Most likely it's the contact ring that squeaks.
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Re: No!...
Petee_C - 9 months ago
How about a teflon dry lube spray? I've also got some of that.
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