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first to go - front or rear

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Hey folks - just wanting some feedback based on your experience - w/ the 986 Boxster - between the front and rear shocks/struts - which are usually the ones to go bad first?
I would suspect that it has more to do with external damage/unusual impact rather than simply time and mileage. In pure theoretical guessing land, i would suspect the rears since they carry more weight and likely higher side-loads.

Either way, the rubber bushings and shock-top mount bearings (mostly front) may wear before the actual damper unit and always should be replaced with them.

I would always do all 4. Its a performance car and you want balanced performance.


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Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
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Boxsterra - 11 months ago
The best deals on replacement shocks/struts come in sets of 4 for a reason. If you replace just 2 your car will handle very strangely. And unless you're a NASCAR driver, all 4 corners wear roughly evenly anyway.
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