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ALLDATA or ProDemand Access?

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Hey guys... I'm trying to confirm a quote from my local shop about the book time they're quoting me from ALLDATA and/or ProDemand.
Might anyone have access to either platform to confirm for me these times for a water pump and thermostat replacement + coolant system flush??

Water pump = 2.8
Stat = 1.6
System flush = 0.6

My complaint is that there can be no way a thermostat replacement takes 1.6 hours after the water pump is off.
I believe that time must be the estimate if the stat was the only repair.

Many thanks,
That's exactly why I do my own work on items that any careful person can perform!

Dealer service departments work from estimated time to perform charts (that always are extremely conservative) and the fact that doing one item makes another item easier doesn't count. Highway robbery!
Boxsterra - 11 months ago
According to AllData:

Water Pump (includes system check & bleed): 5.2 hours
Thermostat: 1.8 hours (standalone)
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