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Re: Two decades later.

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I haven't been around for quite a while but I've been waxing a little nostalgic lately. I've been driving Boxsters continuously for almost twenty tears now. First my 99 triple black sport design Boxster that I swapped a 3.4L into when the warranty ran out. In 2005 I moved from PA to FL and over time, that car got converted to a street/track car and then eventually to a track only car. In 2010 I moved back to PA but I took the car back to Sebring in 2012 and blew it up. Right after I put in a LSD too! Then I traded that car as a roller for a Spec Boxster that I've been racing ever since. While at the club race at the glen last weekend, a friend mentioned that he had a 99 for sale. Now I had another one. On my first drive I had the same permagrin that I had 20 years ago when I picked up the first one. smiling smiley I initially thought of it as a parts car but I'm in love again. I think I'll keep it.
I remember back in Oct. 98 when I picked up my 99 Boxster. Back then, you couldn't do test drives because any car was sold. Days of 6-month wait lists. So, the first time I sat in one was after I signed the purchase papers. To this day, I still remember that 99 feeling just right. Almost like slipping on an old pair of your most comfortable jeans. Not sure if it was the first series, but my 2002, while nice, didn't give me that feeling and my 2009 911S is much different feeling. It would be interesting to sit in another '99 to see if that feeling is the same. Sounds like it is, from your post.
"most comfortable jeans is apt" This car just fits right.
One ironic bit:

My original car went to from PA to MD, SC and then NJ where my friend David aquired it and turned it into a SPB. Now it sits right next to me in the paddock. smiling smiley

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