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Re: Appropriate Cost for new vinyl window retrofit?

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My rear plastic window is getting to be opaque. A local place quoted $650 to sew in a new top - they weren't very friendly or completely interested in doing the work. Following a few threads on various boards I hunted down a shop in Philly which quoted $450.

$450 sounds about right. I don't want a new top with glass and a smaller viewport, so replacing the existing vinyl seems like my best solution.

Any thoughts or other places to look in the NJ/PA area?

Think it cost around $600 to get a new plastic window in my 2002's top.

The shop that did the work had good word of mouth and when I talked to one of the owners he was enthusiastic about doing the replacement. Didn't sound negative or discouraging at all.

The plastic window was the heavy plastic indistinguishable from the factory stuff.

You can get a new top with the plastic rear window. I did after some years after getting the new window sewn in and the top developed a leak.

Cost me around $1400 installed. Same place that replaced the window replaced the top. I went with GAHH top, same color as the factory top (metropole blue), with the extra lining, etc. The car looked the same -- and had the same diminished interior noise -- after the new top was installed. The old top didn't look that bad really it just developed a leak about center of the top due to I guess age.
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