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So, I have a small tear in my passenger seat after 18 years.

Any suggestions on the best way to repair it? Should I just run some Crazy Glue on the bottom and push the fabric back down?


Get a piece of black leather (buckskin) and cut it in a circle just big enough to cover the spider tears.
Coat the underside (fuzzy side) with Elmer's glue and insert glue-side-up under the tear.
You can take your time because the glue doesn't dry that quickly.
Use needle nose pliers or tweezers to get the round piece of leather under the seat's cover, through the tear itself.
Make sure you place it so that all of the tears are covered.
Put a weight over the patch and let it dry overnight.
It's fixed and if you can make it almost invisible if you take your time.
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What you can’t tell from the picture is that the rip isn’t all the way through, so there is t an ‘under’ to put the patch in. It is more like the top layers of skin peeled back, but no blood.


Check out this video, it might help you on your repair. [youtu.be]
I'm just hoping to 'roll down' the curled up top layer of the leather. I'd hate to cut a hole just to get it to lie flat. Any other suggestions?

Check with an auto upholstery shop. Talked with the people at the shop that did the window in my Boxster then replaced the top and was told they often repair damaged seat cushions, bolsters, or seat back cushions that develop a tear or crack/split from age. The entire seat doesn't have to be done just the damaged section. It is recovered and with material that pretty closely matches the original material in color and texture. The seats in my Boxster never developed a crack/tear or split so I never needed the shop's services, but it was nice to know there was an alternative to replacing the entire seat or having the entire seat bottom or back redone for just a small problem.
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