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I had to replace my reservoir...

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My 1997 Boxster started pumping washer fluid under the car rather than on the windshield! dang!
Wadda think? Is it just a hose that has worked loose?
Any tips on how to fix this?
The tank and pump are located in the front left wheel well behind the liner.
The pump and or lines may be dislodged or disconnected.
You’ll have to remove the wheel and shell liner to take a look.
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Thanks. It has to be a dislodged hose...I'll check it out.
That’s an easy fix. I had same problem on my 01 many years ago. I didn’t take off my wheel, and instead just turned the wheel so I could pull back the wheel well liner enough to see that the hose had fallen off the reservoir nipple. The hose was pressure fit over the nipple, and they didn’t put a clamp on it to secure it, so it can easily come off. Reattach and secure it with a small hose clamp, and it’ll never fall off again.
Interestingly, the low fluid light illuminated in my dash a couple days ago. The (very slow) leak appears to be at the gasket where the pump plugs into the reservoir.
Last year, I was getting puddles under the driver's wheel. At first, I thought it was A/C condensate or something, but it dried leaving blue residue.
Turned out the reservoir was cracked.
How that could have happened, who knows. I found one online pre-owned. So became a $20.00 fix.
In short, be sure it is a hose and not the tank.
Thanks, Pedro. Yep, the hose came off the tank nipple (at the top of the tank)
I re-attached it and secured it with a couple of tight zip ties. Kinda small diameter, and tough location for a traditional hose clamp.
All is well..
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