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As some of you may remember, my horn was intermittent. Worked fine, then suddenly didnt. When car re-started, worked fine for a while. I assumed it was ignition switch/logic related, but Boxsterra claims there is nothing int hat system that could interrupt it.

Stopped working again and nothing seems to make it work.

Since there are two actual horns, and neither works, I'll assume its not the horn (could be a common ground, but i cant easily access to check).

I pulled the airbag to look for the ocnnections (good) and the actuator/ring. Nowhere to be found - it must be in the airbag assembly?

So, if it is, hwo do I access without doing something dumb or dangerous to the airbag. My Bentley is mum.




hi grant, not sure that i'm following. with the airbag removed, the metal plate that is now exposed that floats on the four gold nuts/bushings is the horn plate. remove the four nuts to see the contact points under the plate.

as for not doing something dumb, all I can suggest is to not listen to folks on the internet! winking smiley disconnect your battery, wait x minutes (where x is some amount of time that exceeds your level of comfort...15 mins for me on my 1998) and put a giant note on your key indicating to not touch it with the airbag disconnected..
Power goes through the fuse box into the horns, to the metal frame in the steering wheel. The contacts on the inside of the steering wheel are connected to ground.

Check the power side (at the horn). Check the ground side (at the steering wheel).

Once you know which side the problem is, take it from there.
thanks. I was confused by this post. only after posting did I see the other conversation and realize this was related to a bigger issue smiling smiley
.. selves. Lift at minimum, may need to remove bumper?
It would be nice if it were as simple as an intermittent connection that i could actually ID or simply fix by re-seating plugs...


I would first bisect the problem into the power side or the ground side.

If it turns out to be the power side then start with the parts that are easy to access, such as just past the fuse.
grant - 3 years ago

I think i've foudn the problem - a broken wire that i can splice.

What i need to know is (and yes, i'll also check the servivce manual) - how do i disconnect the airbag safely. I did this one but forgot. The ground strap has been off the battery for quite a while. Do i just pry the yellow connector off the back of the airbag or ?????

TIA, LMK ASAP - its apart and outside :-)



1. With power disconnected, just gently pry the yellow connector off with a flat blade screwdriver or spludger

2. Found a broken wire. re-stripped, soldered, strain relief and put back together

3. Works as new.



Do you know how the wire got damaged? Curious.
I know it well
Boxsterra - 3 years ago
Glad it was something easy to fix.
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