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2001 BoxsterS Fog Light

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I need to replace a bad fog light bulb on the front passenger light.
I did replace the one on the driver's side some 10 years ago. So I pulled
the headlight assembly and opened the round access opening. But, for
the life of me I don't remember how to get the light fixture out. Can someone
clue me in? Thx.
After removing the headlight assembly and opening the correct access cover, carefully pull up on the connector. Be VERY careful because the wires are probably toasted and the protective sheaths can crumble thus causing a potential short circuit.
If this happens wrap some electrical tape over the exposed copper wire.
After the connector is out, press down on the tip of the spring and move to the left. This will allow the spring closure to hinge back. The bulb is now free,
When replacing, make sure you have the correct H7 55W bulb. The bulb's base is notched, so align the tab on the bulb with the notch on the base.
Now close back the spring and secure in place. Reconnect power to the bulb. Re-check the wires to make sure they are not shorting.
Replace the cover and put the headlight assembly back in place. Don't forget to lock it in place. You will probably hear a loud pop. That's normal and indicates that the headlight is locked in place.
Happy Boxstering,

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Thx Pedro, The light is out and the wires aren't stiff or anything
like that. Does the bulb come out of the socket or is it one piece?
Can I get one at Auto Zone?

I wish I lived next to you so I could come over when I had problems.
We did meet once when you flew out to CA for the last Babblers event
in Tahoe many years ago.
OK, Done. The expensive bulb was $32, but the cheaper one was
$18. THX
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