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Cool, glad it's resolved *NM*

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Not without an issue though: After wheels were mounted I drove around to reset TPMS and was successful, speeded up to 90 mph on the run. Got the car washed then parked in garage.

When going down the alley the next day I heard a noise kind like something metallic was rubbing on each wheel revolution and continued till it was drowned out by exhaust traffic and wind noise.
I jacked up the rear, which is where the noise was coming from and spun the wheels manually and cannot duplicate noise. I put car on ramps and saw no indication of rubbing at all. I removed the rear wheel and saw nothing out of the ordinary, Jacked the front, even though noise is from rear and spun wheels.....NO NOISE. Drove down alley and coasted clutch in, clutch out in neutral with clutch in and out had noise in all modes. Rejacked rear and spun again NO NOISE. Perplexed.

I do like the retro 911 look though.
Ive gotten some wedged in there before and it made some godawful noise.

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Yes I've had that before but that noise was more a steady screech and Of course I can't duplicate when I manually spin jacked up rear end.
Not to be a wise a$$, but could there be something in the alley that is causing this, not your car? Have you tried driving in a large parking lot at off hours so it's empty?
....zip tie to the rescue. Noise gone, I'm happy.
The other cause
Boxsterra - 9 months ago
can be a bent heat shield that rubs against the rotor. If it's bent in the middle, you can't see it by any straightforward inspection. I wouldn't expect that problem unless there had been recent work done on the car in that area.
Thanks Boxsterra but mystery has been solved. See my post.

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