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Re: Hoping that all of our PB members in CA are safe ...

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... it’s been so tragic and devastating for so many.
My son’s best friend had to evacuate their beautiful home around 3:30 AM a few of days ago.
Just minutes after they had nothing left of their home and belongings.
At least they were physically unscathed but now starting from scratch.
Others haven’t fared as well.
Our prayers and well wishes to all those affected.

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Ditto, Pedro.

It's so hard to even imagine having nearly everything you worked for and owned simply be there one minute and be gone the next......and yet these people can be considered "lucky." I have a son in LA, who is safely away from the SoCal fires this year, but was very close last year....I am always worried when I see there are fires.

Meanwhile, I wish I could direct some of the heavy rain we are having in NE there right now. Their rainy season can't get there soon enough!

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I'll add my well wishes and hope that everyone stays safe. The pictures and videos are absolutely devastating.
They had no time to evacuate, many were seniors. Some trapped in their cars as they fled. The whole town is destroyed.

Catch 22 on the rain. Heavy rain now may quench the fires, but that means mud slides similar to happened in Montecito.
Very sad...the loss of life and property.
The smoke from the Camp fire is being blown straight into Lake county, Clearlake.
You cannot even see the hills on the other side of the lake, the smoke is so bad. There
has even been a moratorium on insurance companies issuing new home owners policies
due to it being a high fire area. So if you are trying to sell your house, you cannot because
you cannot get a loan without insurance. I count my self lucky I still have insurance as they
have been canceling policies too. We here in Lake County have had major fires
for the last 4 years in a row. It's very sad about the loss of life and property. Now if we have a
red flag day (high winds), PG&E will turn our power off.

This fire adds to the list of towns that have been wiped out due to fire.
Santa Rosa (Not the whole town)
Numerous other small towns.
Sadly the fatality numbers are going to continue to climb. Lots of people still unaccounted for. The smoke is so bad in the SF Bay Area that we have the worst air quality in the world and is creating significant health issues for those in the "at risk" population.

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