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Hello to All...I flushed the brake fluid last night and I am interested in your feedback. When I tested the used brake fluid it came out to 4% H2O and the spent fluid seemed darker in color than previous flushes. Everything is fine with braking but I wanted your inputs on what would cause higher than normal water content and darker discoloration . I have been putting more miles on the car lately and driving canyons. BTW...thank you Pedro for your website and the "How To" section...it's terrific.

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The reasons for higher water content and darker color in your brake fluid are twofold:
1.- The higher the mileage, the higher the internal wear on the brake lines, especially the flexible ones on each corner. Also some debris, mostly brake dust, gets passed by the dust seals on the calipers.
They are responsible for the darker color due to the tiny rubber particles in suspension.
2.- The higher the wear on the components as described, the easier it is for the very hygroscopic fluid to draw in water molecules (trough the flexible brake lines) and into the brake fluid.
Flushing the brake and clutch fluid every 2 years or sooner (if tracked) will keep the fluid cleaner and with less H2O content.
Replacing the brake lines (after 15 years) with steel-braded lines also keeps the fluid with less water content because of the different liners used in these lines.
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I flush my fluid, but still have the original 04 brake lines. I would like to change to the steel braided lines. Recommendation needed on the best and the best prices.
There are also these from RockAuto by Stoptech. Just installed on my 03 S this summer.

If you don't mind, what was the cost to your door on the brake lines you purchased.

Thanks on the Brake Line recommendations guys. I appreciate it!.
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