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Re: They are setting us up for all-electrics ...

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So it has come to pass.

Got an email about the new 911. After seeing the pictures, I downloaded the brochure to check out my suspicions, which the brochure confirmed. No more manual transmission in the 911. Only transmission listed is a new 8 speed PDK. So I imagine it will be the same for the next model Boxster. Only a 4 banger turbo and no choice of manual for those who want to be involved in our driving. eye rolling smiley

... starting with no manual shifting so we get used to it.
I'm so happy with my '98!
Next year she's getting a full restoration so I can enjoy her another 21 years.
Happy Boxstering,

Pedro Bonilla 1998 Boxster 986 - 290,000+ miles: http://www.PedrosGarage.com
PCA National Club Racing Scrutineer - PCA National HPDE Instructor - PCA Technical Committee (Boxster/Cayman)

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Sounds like a great project Pedro. Can't wait to see it once it's all done. It'll sure be a lot more fun to drive, rather than riding around in a Lexusfied Porsche looking car.
Pedro (Weston, FL)
I'm so happy with my '98!
Next year she's getting a full restoration so I can enjoy her another 21 years.

I'm curious to hear what a "full restoration" includes, Pedro! Sounds interesting....

smiling smiley
I still love shifting my 20.5 year old 986, too. However there are a few places where I used to shift down to 2nd that I now keep it in 3rd. Places where the time/speed difference is practically zero, and the benefits include removing two opportunities to miss a shift (down & immediately back up), less torque on exit and therefore less opportunity for wheelspin and sudden hookup that is harder on the transmission (gotta go easy on the transmission). There is still muscle memory and I notice in this video that my hand involuntarily feints towards the shifter almost every time I approach Turn 4, where I used to always downshift. Now I keep it in 3rd, smoothly and more firmly accelerate out and don't have to upshift as the car tracks out of the corner.

PCA Club Race @ Sonoma Raceway
Pedro (Weston, FL)
....Next year she's getting a full restoration so I can enjoy her another 21 years.
Happy Boxstering,

Hope we can get the same 21 year restorations on our bodies that your Boxster is due for, Pedro smileys with beer

First no more proper manuals, then even smaller turbo engines coupled to lots of nanny gadgets, after that all electric, finally autonomous cars.

Progress......confused smiley

"A mile of highway will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."

My '99 will celebrate her 20th next July so I hope that you post some info about your restoration project ... it might give me some ideas for future projects.

You will have to wait for the various "special" editions or "variants" that typically include manuals. Even in Europe, the manual is going by the wayside. PDKs are an amazing change to the manual/automatics. Easier to drive in traffic, and still engaging to drive on the twisties.
I understand the reason why they are going this route, but find it hard to believe that the notion of even offering a manual tranny is too onerous for the most profitable car company on the planet. For a company that would paint your car a custom color or use a custom leather for a premium price,, don't you think they could offer manual for a similar premium?
Add to that, if the PDK goes bang it is replaced with a new unit--@$20K.
Fear not...
jlegelis - 5 months ago
Multiple reports indicate the 7-speed manual will still be offered (eventually) : [www.roadandtrack.com]

Also, the (manual only) GT3 Touringis a big hit, and Porsche GT Boss Andreas Preuninger is a big fan of manuals, so I'm hopeful that manuals will at least continue in the GT3, GT4, and Boxster Spyder, though perhaps not for more 'pedestrian' offerings.
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