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Porsche Driving Experience - recommendations?

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Products for your Boxster, Cayman and Carrera.
I'm thinking of doing the Porsche Driving Experience in LA. There is an overwhelming array of options. If you have done it before, can you help me narrow it down?

Essentially, it depends on which car you'd like to experience. Everyone gets to experience all the different areas -straightline accelerating, skid pad, kick plate / recovery, short track skid control and longer track (just one section will let you get into 3rd gear).

My wife, who knows me all too well, surprised me with a 1.5 hour session and requested and got the only car they had at the time, with a manual and flat six. It was an absolute blast. That 1.5 hours was the shortest 10 minutes I've experienced. winking smiley

So, as I said at the beginning, I'd focus on which model, transmission you'd like to experience. Toward the end of the session, your instructor (at least in my case) will let you spend a little extra time in the area you enjoyed the most and want to try again.

Have fun choosing. The experience is worth every penny.
Thanks, Guenter
Boxsterra - 6 months ago
Which car did you drive, and did you wish you had driven a different one?
I drove a Carrera 4S. The only flats six with manual they had available at the time. If they had had a GT4 , that would have been my first choice. Manual transmission and NA flat six. I was a bit disappointed because the 4S's turbo muted the exhaust sound and throttle response wasn't as immediate as with my Boxster. I've driven the 981 Cayman with PDK. Great car, fabulouly engineered transmission. Just not my cup of tea. I've always enjoyed driving as opposed to riding around in a car. The more automated a car is, the less I enjoy driving it. That's just my taste.

At LA, everyone gets to experience all the areas I described before and at the end, you might bave a chance to spend a little more time in your favourite section.

What I'd recommend, is to look at the selection of cars and transmission options. If there's one that you'd really like to experience, go with that car. You'll love the experience.
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