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Re: Coolant Change

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Coolant Change
vza - 6 months ago
Changing coolant and got about 4 gallons out, removed supply and return hoses ,core hoses...wheres the other 2 or so gallons. Want to get it all out cause previous owner may have used incorrect coolant..was green not pink.
You need to get to the 2 (or 3) radiators up front and disconnect the bottom hoses to drain the rads and the lines feeding them. You can kind of get to them from under the car but removing the front bumper makes it so much easier. Once drained you will need an Air Lift or equivalent to suck all the air out and draw in the right amount of coolant mix. Refilling without an Air lift takes patience and a lot of burping.
The color is just a dye.
True that Porsche rarely uses the green one, it necessarily doesn’t mean that it’s a bad coolant.
All you need to make sure is that it is phosphate and silicate free.
Any coolant that states: “good for all types of cars” will be fine to use.
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Re: Coolant Change
vza - 6 months ago
Hi Pedro...just another question...did some work removing cam covers, replacing solenoid and ramps...buttoned everything up and got awful tap noise on Bank 1 ran the engine some(idled only) cause I thought it was the tappets not building pressure(advice from other forums) turned out I lost timing on Bank 1 ....retimed bank 1 noise went away sounded good got a CEL for misfires on Bank 2 and O2 sensors for both banks, Stalls and ruff idles. WHAT??? If anything I thought for sure I'd get misfires on Bank 1 where I lost timing and maybe bent up valves or something. Also corrected an exhaust leak and small hole in Cat. Installed new MAF ...all symptoms went away NOW I have misfires on Bank 1. Never had misfires on Bank 1 ....What's goin on?? The engine sounds OK although a little un even....but no misfires heard. I was going to install a new Batt cause it's been weak needs a recharge every few days I don't start the car, jus was putting it off for the winter. I read a weak Batt can be taxing the altenator allowing insufficient voltage to the car. Is it possible it's as simple as the Batt? Thanks Happy New Year. V
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