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Re: Litronic Headlight Washer Nozzle

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What I would like to know is how could my nozzle disappear. How is this held in place?

They are a friction fit and are known to fall out. Check the socket they fit in. I can pretty much guarantee that the socket has a crack or slight split allowing the nozzle to pop in and pop out easily. I lost all 4. Here in the Great White North the temperature fluctuations cause the plastic to shrink and expand making the sockets loosen. The sockets and balls are not available as separate items and indeed the whole nozzle assembly needs to replaced at an exorbitant price.

I removed the fuse controlling them and capped off the sockets with simple plugs since I never use them anyway. One day when I have $500.00 I don't know what to do with I will buy new ones and replace them. After 2004 Porsche went with a much better more robust design.

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Thanks for that info. The other three are fine. I never used the washers, but will look for any damage on the empty socket. The picture I put in my post came from one on Ebay at a cost of $35. They are way over priced and I am not paying.
I recently heard a BMW model has the same nozzle. I might be able to find the exact nozzle on ACEPICKAPART.COM. They have many BMW's that have been junked and they might just have the nozzle I need and it will only be a buck or two . I hate the nozzle missing. Nobody else notices it, just me!
I did go the BMW route a couple of years ago and actually glued the balls in just for cosmetic value. They still fell out after one year. That's when I gave up. There was quite a discussion about these things over on the '986Forum' if you are interested in further reading do a search there. Good luck!
I know, I have read about some on the 986 site but not recently. I see your post at times there. I thought about glue if I find one. I won't to find out why it's chose to fall out. Like you said maybe it's is a cracked fitting.
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