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Re: Does anyone know if ROW springs...

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... have superseded to a single part number that is the same as the US M030 springs?

I ask because I called my local Porsche dealer to ask how much a set of rest-of-world springs will cost me, and he couldn't differentiate between rest of the world and US sport suspension springs. They appeared to be the same part number. Indeed, he couldn't even find any reference to a US sport suspension (vs ROW). I found this baffling given my experience here on this topic over many years.

My recollection tells me there used to be two different suspension setups. One for the US with a slightly higher ride height to account for US Department of Transportation regulations, and for lack of a better term a "Euro" suspension with about 3/4" lower ride height.

My car is optioned with 030, which is the (apparently now mysterious) US sport suspension,and it rides a touch too high for me... My perfect suspension ride height is exactly 3/4" lower (not a full inch) , so I was trying to take advantage of the existing springs in the Porsche branded
kit ( which, if memory serves, was also made by H&R.) .

But maybe I have to go with an H&R branded set.

If the rest of world Springs have superseded to a single part number that's the same as the US Springs, does anybody know if those Springs are now a different ride height than what's on my car? Or maybe you could provide me with a ROW part number for those Springs.

Suncoast Porsche has a Euro Suspension Kit (ROW M030) listed. I don't see individual parts, but they might be able to give you part numbers.

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