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Courtest/Dome Light

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Courtest/Dome Light
vza - 6 months ago
99 Bosxter Base...I need to replace the dome light assembly because of a  bad micro switch(windows don't fully close). So... I have a replacement but its a 2001 I believe. It has a nicer  fixed dome light not the rickety one in the 99. Of course it has a different size connecter. The other connecters for the micro switch and infra red are the same. Was thinking of just fabricating a new harness. There are only 3 pins. I assume 1 common ground and 1 switched and 1 for continuous. Couldn't find the schematics in the factory serve. manual. Any thoughts about this. Thanks .....Hate that rickety one....ugh
You can tell which connector is which by testing connectivity of the wires. The ones that are always connected are continuous, only connected when the switch is on are switched, common wire to both of those is the common.

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Actually it really doesn't matter does it? There are 2 grounds and 1 power..... 3 terminals total. As long as grounds are going to ground and power to power. In other words reversing the grounds would allow the switchposition to be reversed. ie. depressing switch forward continuous light...depressed backward switched w doors OR if ground wires were reversed...switch forward... switched w doors backwards continuous light.I'm probably not expressing it that clearly. But on the switch itself the 2 terminals with continuity would be ground.the remaining hot.On the car side I would see 12v for power and ground on remaining terminals with a door open. Correct?
Success, I managed to install the updated light using trial and error. Found the correct sequence for the 3 wires and works fine. I imagine the tiny light that remains illuminated will not be a battery drain it may be a small diode.....not sure. Thanks V
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