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Re: Manuals matter

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Henry Catchpole sums it up nicely.

Re: Manuals matter
db997S - 6 months ago
Of course, he's not too biased. His shirt pretty much told you which way he was going to lean.
Actually, I thought the title gave it away. The shirt was just another hint. There wasn't any doubt which way he was leaning at any point. For those of use who like to be engaged in the driving experience, we understand exactly what he's saying and showing.

I've driven a Porsche with PDK. It's a fabulous piece of engineering and it can probably shift faster than I can. But, flicking a paddle isn't much different from saying "Hey Siri, or OK Google, change up / down a gear". Might as well let the computer have all the fun (I know, computers don't have emotions) and the driver can go along for the ride.

Those people who enjoy "driving" a PDK equipped car, the next step will Audi's "Robby". They'll get behind the wheel at the track and at the end of the race, they'll be able to brag about how little popcorn and beer they spilled during the race, all while they came pretty darn close to getting around the track like a pro racer.
Re: Manuals matter
Tweety - 6 months ago

There is no argument that driving a manual is a more engaging tactile experience, but new technology arrives and changes things up.

So air cooled cars, manual steering and brakes without ABS or boost, are gone for most of us, but we still enjoy the sounds, acceleration, and and wind in our faces of driving our sports cars whether pdk or manual.

We are fortunate to be able to drive the cars we own now, because electrics and hybrids will further diminish the driving experience in the future.

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