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Re: CD Report - 40,000 miles in a 2017 Boxster S....

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Driving the 718 Boxster S with a MANual tranny

"A mile of highway will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."
When you look at their overall experience with the 718, it seems to be similar to the way Chris Harris summed it up in his 718 test drive last year. - The 718 is still the best car in its class, just not as good as last years (2016 981) Boxster.

It's obviously got great looks as a roadster, has the best handling in its class, it's loads of fun to drive, it's driver oriented and more practical for long trips than other sports cars.

But. It lacks the fabulous, exciting sound of the flat six, doesn't have the instant, sharp throttle response because of the slight turbo lag. And sadly, the reason that Porsche changed to the turbo 4 was to improve fuel economy for government test cycles. In real world driving, the 718 actually gets slightly worse fuel mileage.

Let's hope that the rumours about a Boxster with a flat six is more than just a rumour..
I finally heard a 718 yesterday. The sound was bad. I am sooooo glad I have a 16 boxster s.
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