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Re: Question for owners of light colored interiors?

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This is actually the first time I’ve ever owned a car with a light colored interior. I have the sand beige interior in my car. How often do you guys have to clean/condition your interior and what do you use? Also, what wheel cleaner do you use that doesn’t eat away at your painted calipers? My Boxster had grey wheels which I didn’t need to clean much. Thanks!

For my wheels, I use car wash soap, a wheel cleaning brush, a sponge and a bucket, but the bucket and sponge are different than the bucket and sponge I use to wash the car so brake dust won't scratch the paint.
Ok thanks. That’s pretty much how I do it, but didn’t know if some people used a wheel cleaner spray or something to get stubborn dust stains off.
For the wheels use 50/50 simple green and water. Spray on let soak. Wash off.
Don't overthink your interior... it is not a Faberge egg. For leather, I just use a small saucer of water with some Dawn dish soap... then take a hard, dry sink sponge, dab in the water/soap and start to rub. No need to wet it down much. Then dry with a towel. Then I apply leather conditioner..... I use Zaino simply because of the leather smell, but any of the top brands are more than fine.... such as Mothers. I do not use a cleaner and conditioner combo.

For what looks like cracks... they are most likely not..... they are creases.... just use your other hand to press and spreak them, then rub the sponge in there. I do NOT like Lexol products. First, the cleaner is not aggressive enough and the conditioner over-relaxes the leather.. and it smells bad.

Oh, for the dash and other interior bits, I take the wet towel from washing and just use it to wipe everything down... if the towel is too wet, I get another and dampen it.

Another tip for car maintenance in general: If you make it difficult, you won't do it.

Bruce in Philly

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