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On the plus side he never had to worry about an IMS failure

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Go to 4:45. Hopefully Porsche will step up on this.

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I saw that video the other day too...how the heck does that happen? Porsche really needs to cover that for him.
I first thought that Porsche should cover him, but how can they be 100% certain that this person's version of the facts are the truth? He could have been doing something unwise and gotten damage. Under warranty, if I did something stupid in my car and got body damage, I don't try and get Porsche to fix it for free. Even if this was on the track, his insurance probably doesn't cover track damage, as many do not. So, he's turning to Porsche, aka, deep pockets, to get it fixed. Then again, we know Porsche has had design flaws in its products. I suffered the IMS failure at 10,001 miles while on a road trip. Porsche gave me a loaner to finish my trip, then flew me and my wife home and shipped the car back after the new engine was installed. Zero dollars out of my pocket. But, suspension problems are difficult to show as design flaws and not some sort of misuse.
which Porsche has been know to have in the past.
Paralizer - 6 months ago
Looking for some bright news, at least it's not a total write off. I thought the damage was part of the unibody but, as is not the first time, I was wrong.

Paralizer 06 Boxster S Atlas Grey/Black/Black
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