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Interesting being known as the car guy at work ... sad Porsche item

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Odd, whenever an new car shows up in our garage at work, people always seem to pop into my office and ask bout it (they know I drive a Porsche). Unfortunately, today, when somebody asked if I saw the new Porsche Turbo in the garage (Miami Blue, ceramic breaks, yellow belts, etc), I had to tell the sad tale. About two years a go, a coworker's husband was diagnosed with an illness. He always wanted a Porsche. So, he ordered the Turbo, but by the time it arrived, his diagnosis was terminal and he was only able to drive the car for 30 miles before passing away. It sat in the garage, unused, for 18 months. His widow is now finally able to drive it. Absolutely gorgeous car. The color with the yellow calipers is really stunning. Usually, I like to talk about the cars people ask me about, but not this one. Interesting being the car person, as people also pop into my office when they are thinking about buying a new car to ask Qs. Most are not even Porsche people. I always thought non-Porsche people had the negative stereotype about us Porsche people. I guess not. I've gotten to know more people at work then I would normally have. Yes, I'd recognize them in the hallways and say good morning, but now I actually know a bit more and can chat with many instead of the quick hello. Don't think that would happen if I drove a Benz, BMW, Caddy or other luxo sedan.
I think
Guenter in Ontario - 5 months ago
you're likely not giving yourself enough credit.

Yes. People might know you because you drive a Porsche. But, the fact that people ask you your opinion and ask you questions about cars they're interest in, reflects more about the fact that people respect your opinion. That's you. Not the car.

It's people like you that give Porsche drivers a good name. smileys with beer

Just my $0.02 worth.
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