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Any insight into the transmission mounts?

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2001 986S with over 90K miles on the clock.
-pedro sport mount installed 10 yrs ago.
- both rear trailing arms replaced maybe 3 yrs ago..

I spent probably 10hrs on a short technical track last year (lots of corners, only one straight - max speed GPS 165kph). The 10 hrs was over 1 day event and probably 5 evening events.
I started switching to track pads after the 2nd track night, for better braking and Motul 600 fluid for less fade.
I switched out the 17 yr old tranny fluid for LiquiMoly Synthetic 75w90 gear oil, and got better shifting.

It's pretty much a stock vehicle, and I drive it to work on nice, non motorcycle days between April and end of October.

There's one spot on the track where it's almost a chicane, finish one R hand corner properly and you are immediately setup for the next L- hand corner. I seem to recall on occasion hearing a scraping noise from the rear of the car, wondering if my engine/tranny are moving too much in that transition?

I was reading on the interwebs, that some 996 owners gauge the condition of their engine mounts (which are the same as our tranny mounts) by the sag of the exhaust.... Wondering if this would apply to our 986's?

My times on pure street tires (cheap, black, quiet and round Ecsta PS31 with 400AA rating) average around 1:26ish... I am still a novice, working on heel-toe, smoothness etc.... Another driver I 'know' goes there regularly in the hot group, and he's trying to break 1:11 in a recent 718 (don't know the letters after... maybe S or GTS).

I have a set of used toyo r1r's in good shape on 18" cayman rims that I plan to use with the proper spacers for the front for a few track sessions this year.

Plan is 4-5 full day events, and 5-6 evening events....
Boxsterra - 5 months ago
I took my TechnoMount out after 10+ years and 100k+ miles of hard driving with it. It was in perfect condition so I put it back in.

It's too bad people weren't diligent about sending him their used mounts. It was a great product.
I have a new in Box oem mount that's been waiting to go in.... I guess I might not need it after all.

Tranny mount discussions?
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