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Similar question for a 981

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Looking for 1st hand experiences with Centric Rotors, specifically on Boxsters or other vehicles you have driven...

They seem to be a favourite on Rock Auto, not familiar with the brand.

Looking at rotor replacement and there seems to be a lot of options out there now other than OEM from Suncoast.
After a lot of track days, the rears are now at the minimum (after 6 years) but the fronts which were replaced in 3 years ago--and not a lot of track time--have a lot of cracks to the point where probably need to go also.

I'm thinking either Zimmerman or Sebro slotted; thinking more Sebro slotted since the holes are a clear failure point if you're tracking the car.

Thanks for any help.
I'm intrigued by the centric's due to price...

I know that Zimmerman makes a good product, and have had good success with them.

I have also had good success with white box rotors too.... I paid $30cdn for a set of rear rotors for my VW Jetta which gets driven year round, and they lasted 6+ yrs.
Call Jason at Paragon Parts. I bought rotors from him and 20+ track days no problems.
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