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Re: Semi Porsche Content

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Top down commute home last night. At a stop light, a Tesla Model 3 rolls up next to me. When the light changed, the dude floored it. Wow, the acceleration was unbelievable. The lack of sound even made it more so. At the next light I roll up to him. Again, he floors it and takes off. Just as amazing the second time around. So, those who say they will miss the sound, maybe not initially. It was pretty cool.
I kn1ow what you mean. I find it's so much more exciting when I watch Top Gun with the sound turned off.
It is more interesting cuz I'm not a big Tom Cruise fan.
At the third light the Tesla had run out of electricity winking smiley

It’s coming to Porsche.

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Re: Semi Porsche Content
Laz - 3 months ago
You were with the Tesla for two lights. For all the driver's "strutting," the acceleration "signified" very little.
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