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Couldn't Stay Away
fgv1it - 2 years ago
I have been away from this forum for about two years, mainly because two years away I traded in the Boxster, a 2012 987.2, for a new, second generation Panamera. Well, the Panamera has turned out to be a fantastic car, but I was missing the convertible experience. Well, two weeks ago I corrected that situation with a used, 2014 981:

Very happy to be back in the fold, and to be ready for Spring and Summer again!
Welcome back! Very nice "correction". smileys with beer

Looks like Carmine Red. Beautiful colour combination! What other options does it have?

Spring, Summer and Fall will be better for you than they have been for the last few year. smiling smiley

Thank you for the welcome back. In reply to your posts, the color is actually "Amaranth Red Metallic", a color I had never heard of until I saw this car. Under certain light conditions, it can easily be mistaken for other reds, particularly carmine, but to my eye, carmine has a little more orange in it. The option list is short: PDK, 20-inch Carrera 2 wheels, infotainment package with Bose sound system, convenience package (basically two-zone AC and heated seats), multi-function steering wheel, and rear parking assist. That's it, but of course the main point of this car is the driving experience, the sound, and the open-top possibilities for the nice weather. Those are standard in all of these cars!

I did know about the reflections from light-colored interiors (my previous Boxster had sand beige upholstery as well), so I was already well prepared with a set of polarized sunglasses. In fact, you can see the reflection in the picture of the interior that I posted above.

Now, let the last vestiges of cold weather disappear into history, and let's get out there in the warmth and sun!
I think I saw there was some kind of recall for Porsches with the tan dashboard. I believe the jist of the issue is that reflections from the dashboard made it hard to see out of the windshield. IIRC, the remedy was to provide each owner with a pair of polarized sunglasses. You may want to check with a dealer on this. And this is not an April Fool’s joke one day late (though it sure sounds like it could be one).

BTW, great looking 981!
Good move. Just enjoyed a top down drive into work this morning. Sunny day, about 48 degrees, tunes playing, but even in stop-and-go rush hour traffic, nice way to start the day. Don't tell anyone, but had a hot green tea in the cup holder, too. Life is good with no roof (on a car, that is). You know that is so even when traffic can't bring you down. Have had a Porsche convertible in my garage since Oct. 1998, and it sill hasn't gotten old.
Nice car!
Happy Boxstering,

Pedro Bonilla
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At some point with my 2013, when wearing polarized glasses I noticed the main screen display and the interior heat/fan speed display became a lot darker than the instrument displays and the rest of the interior. By rotating the glasses in the line of sight, there was an orientation where the aforementioned displays went very dark. A further experiment with a 35mm camera polarizing filter had an even more dramatic result. (I believe polarized sunglasses have their orientation set to perhaps 45º to allow for a range of head movements and polarized light sources.) So just be aware of the effect. I can't check at the moment if the instrumentation brightness setting includes the main screen and the temp/speed display, but if so, this can compensate for the dimming when wearing the glasses. Or, just peer over them, or take them off to better view the displays when necessary.
Happy Motoring!
Thanks, Laz. Something to keep in mind while wearing polarized glasses.

I am also finding it disconcerting that in these cars, the right-hand display is digital, and as such always illuminated, while the other two dials are mainly analog, and are not lit in the daytime. The difference in illumination is striking. Is there a way to set the illumination of the instrument dials to always be on? I have looked in the menus, but so far I have not seen anything that gives me that choice.

By contrast, my Panamera has an analog central tachometer, but Porsche engineered it so all the dials look similar when the car is running, day or night.
You can set the instrument brightness by turning the little round switch at the bottom left of the Odometer dial. This only works when the ignition and lights are turned on.
Very pretty car. It's the first one I've seen in Amarathe Red.
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