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Golf courses

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Was a nice day out here in the Northeast yesterday. Great to have met up with a few of my Porsche pals...

We had a nice weekend in Ontario too. We even got into a Spring time mini heat wave with temps into the low 60's, salt off the roads. Finally got the CURVEN8R out on dry roads. What a treat, enjoying the open air driving to the sound of the Symphony in Flat Six. I saw one other Boxster on the drive. As you can see, there are still a few patches of snow around.

Glad you are able to get the car out to play again. Hopefully all the snow will be gone soon. Your car looks super clean, and I love those wheels.

I cleaned the interior of the car yesterday and even that was fun. Well...drove her too of course. So looking forward to the warmer weather...

There is a very active PCA region in the Asheville area. We did a breakfast meet up this past Saturday at the Pisgah Inn - at Mt. Pisgah, the highest point on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was a beautiful day to drive the parkway and we had 44 people show up for breakfast.

Looks like you had a great drive. Love the scenery of the BRP and you had a good size group out to enjoy it.

Love the picture with the mountain top sticking out of the clouds.
After a week of rain to clean the remaining salt off the roads, we had another sunny, 60 degree day here in Ontario. It just feels so good to fire up the Boxster. We decided to take a short (about 40 mi. drive) to Dundas. Of course, when' I'm driving the Boxster, my navigation skills just go out the window (maybe because it's down and the sound of the Symphony in Flat Six so intoxicating). We ended up in Niagara On The Lake (about 90 mi. away) - at a winery, no less. cool smiley

Stopped to take a picture along the lake.

And on the way home, stopped in for a Canadian tradition.

Even saw a few other topless Porsches on the road.
... Happy Boxstering,

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It's not thawing out in central NH. Snow, rain and frizzing rain yesterday. More rain and maybe snow tonight. Might get a little sun on Thursday

Ed B. thumbs down
but we are on a weather pattern where we get a significant amount of rain almost every other day it seems. Lawns and golf courses can seldom seem to dry out. I'm a member at my local club and every month when the bill comes my wife chides me that I could be playing Pebble Beach at the dollars per round I'm paying. Somewhat similar to the dollars per mile I was paying for my last year in the Boxster. Saw my first top down convertible last week. But only one and non-Porsche.
There is an 18 hole golf course up for auction in Newport NH at the end of the month, if you are interested.

Ed B
are available everywhere. I doubt my local 2 course Robert Trent Jones courses club has made money this year with the weather making what is normally a great time for people coming from the north not so attractive. Bunch of rich folks from Houston who own 13 other courses bought it from the locals about 5 years ago. Paid about what the club owed back then essentially getting it for the sellers getting nothing.
Would be good to see the gang again.


Steve Guards Red 1999 I'm not a race car driver, but I play one in 2nd and 3rd gear :D
Would be good to see the gang again.


Hey Steve, will do! In fact, it looks like Gundo’s fixing to do another TSBL in May! Do you still have the 986rgt? I am running a little different rig now...

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