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floor jack

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floor jack
bb1 - 10 months ago
Hey folks - anyone have a good recommendation for a specific floor jack for use w/ the Boxster? Want something well built, safe obviously.
Thanks in advance

I know some will knock it because its HF, but some of their products are very good. I believe certain floor jacks are in this category. I have another one of theirs that is the aluminum racing jack, also very good, but I added this one to my garage solely for its max height. My aluminum one would barely lift my Suburban off the ground let alone give me clearance to actually work underneath. If you can get it on sale or have a coupon, they are very affordable for the quality. This one feels like its a tank!


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+1 on HF jacks
MikenOH - 10 months ago
I've used this one for 10 yearsd without an issue. Light/small enough to throw in the car to use at the track.
The Daytona one is nice and long so you can use it to jack up the middle of the rear or the side of the front. It also goes quite high, which is great. On the negative side it is very heavy and doesn't go up very fast.

The Pittsburgh Aluminum jack is very easy to manage since it is small and light. It goes pretty high and it easily fits under the jacking points of a Boxster.
Thanks for the tips folks. I may go for that HF one if I can stomach the weight of it!
Re: floor jack
Black Knight - 10 months ago
I got the Daytona one as I had an older one fail and didn't feel like fiddling with repairing. The Daytona is a Snap-on knock-off and guys on other boards like Garage Journal had good reviews. Plus it is low profile and raises to over 20 inches and lifts more than 6000 lbs, so it will work on my Tundra too if I need. I don't normally like to buy 'knock-off' items, but this one does work well.
Keep in mind
Boxsterra - 10 months ago
That unless you're jacking the whole car (all 4 wheels) off the ground with the jack, the requirements of the jack are less than 1/4 the weight of the car so a 1.5 ton jack will easily jack up your Tundra, capacity-wise.
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