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Hello all, well I got the old girl back on the road again and I did miss her, but there are some issues I have noticed. The Passenger side window drops when you pull open the door but will go back up before I close the door, which leads to the window bring on the outside of the window frame. I have figured out how to stop this from happening, but it is a pain in the ass.

The second issue is the rear spoiler does not go up. I got the warming light the spoiler didn't go up and I tried to manually make it go up and it only went up partially before it stopped and a grinding noise was heard for a second before it stopped. Anyone have any thoughts?


Michael SYS driver (back again)
I hope that that process was not too expensive.

For your window drop problem, I believe you have an issue with the door latch micro switch. I had that same problem 4 years ago and had it replaced. Confirm with the board gurus.
Yes I found a shop after many phone calls and conversations. The owner was very communicative during the fix. It cost more than I thought it would but there was a number of things wrong with it. Who knew rubber and other parts dries out after a decade of non use. Haha.
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