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Is the 986 Now a "Classic" Porsche?

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At the end of an article in the March Panorama on the 914, there was a full-page picture of a bunch of old Porsches and the title read "Classic Porsches" and one of the cars was an orange 986. You know you are old when your first ever Porsche that you purchased new is now possibly considered in the Classic category: '98 Arena Red/Savannah Beige with two hacks (wood shifter and painted center console thanks to Bumper Plugs).
I think it is a classic. I still can’t believe I kept my Boxster for 17 yrs before I sold it. I’ve never kept any car that long. Was really a fun car. My first Pcar was an 86 944. That thing only had like 147hp, but was also a pleasure to drive.

Current: 07 Carrera S Cab - Midnight Blue/Sand Beige Previous: 01 Boxster - (formerly boxtaboy), 86 944 https://www.instagram.com/carreralicious/
Original 986’s are now over 20 years old. That makes them a classic IMHO.
I've been driving my first Porsche for 15 years now ... she's just part of the family. Our Forest Green 1999 986 will celebrated her 20th birthday on July 7th (Porsche production date). Methinks a new set of PS2's would make a fine birthday present! Here's a photo taken at a Cars and Coffee Octoberfest event last autumn at my dealership. Looking forward to my first drive of 2019 ... still too many potholes, dust and trash on the roads after a long hard winter not to mention that some of our favourite river-side drives are under water right now due to heavy spring floods.

My first mid-engine Porsche was a brand new 914 in the first model year of 1970. A wonderfully fun car, but a disaster from a service, parts and support standpoint. Sold in the week before the 2-year warranty ran out. Took more than 35 years before my next, a '99 Boxster. Completely different post-buy experience.

Which was more fun? The 914 because I was in my 20's and stupid foolish. Oh the ski trips I took that car on. Always one ticket away from loosing my license. And all that from 85 hp.
+23C and sunny today so an errand at Home Depot provided the perfect opportunity to take the car cover off, drop the tire pressures from their hibernation values, check all fluid levels and fire it up for a pleasant drive. Smooth start on the first crank and all systems go! Just got back ... life is good!!
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