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Anyone had a good experience or can recommend a place that does convertible top repairs, hopefully west end Toronto. My 01 986 has a small tear in the plastic window and needs replacing. Any help or recommendations are welcome. Thanks.
How big of a tear?


I found these cracks in my rear window on my 2001 back in 2017..... I made a little patch with clear gorilla tape on the inside and they have not advanced in the past 24 months...

Howdy from 1.5 hrs west of you....
Thanks Petee, very similar to your crack. I was quoted $2500 cdn. plus tax to replace the top. Seems like nobody wants to repair the plastic window. Might try the tape meanwhile.
Pic of one of the patches about 2 yrs later...

Windows dirty, got caught in the rain on the way to the track.

crack is about 10mm long, hasn't grown in 2 yrs... patch still water tight....

I used clear packaging tape to tape a small crack/split in my Boxster's rear window. It kept water out when it rained or I washed the car. I never put the top down with the tape or it would not have lasted very long at all. (The window cracked when in cold weather I tried to put the top in its service position and didn't do the "chop" quick enough.)

Finally had the rear window replaced at a highly recommended auto upholstery shop in the next town over from where I lived. The cost was IIRC $600. The new window was the same heavy plastic as the factory window.

Can't recall now when I had this done but it lasted years and years. Finally the top started leaking. Priced a factory top and with a discount it was around $2500 (list was over $3K) and labor would have brought the total cost up to near $3K. Too much to spend on an approx. 12 year 250K+ mile Boxster.

Elected to have a GAHH top installed. I stayed with the plastic window and the cost including labor was IIRC around $1400. The top was high quality and was fine when I sold the car in Dec. 2017.
The gorilla tape has held up very well for the past 2 yrs, going up and down with no signs of failing....

Found the edges of your patch will help it last longer....
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