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06 987S issue

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06 987S issue
Paralizer - 4 months ago
Lately I’ve been having intermittent long, several seconds, cranking issues. Today after one of these episodes my idle wouldn’t go back to the 700 rpm range and stayed around 1000 rpm’s. Looking for thoughts as to what might be going on.

Paralizer 06 Boxster S Atlas Grey/Black/Black
Are you getting any codes?
Re: 06 987S issue
MarcW - 4 months ago
What Boxsterra asked? If the CEL is on there will be at least one active code. Even if the CEL is dark there could be a pending code.

Prolonged cranking -- even for a few seconds -- with my Boxster (and Turbo) was rare. Besides the time the Boxster fuel pump failed and the engine would crank as long as I cared to let it crank with no start the few and infrequent times for any cranking time out of the nearly instantaneous start at all other times proved to be the early warning sign of a bad battery.

An elevated idle speed suggests an intake air leak. For my Boxster the only intake air leaks have been due to a failing AOS, except two times once at around 150K miles and again at around 300K miles when the oil tube cap developed a leak. But even in the case of the bad caps the idle speed was unaffected. The only indication I had of something wrong was a CEL and at least one error code that pointed to a mixture problem at low engine speed which the first time I mistook for a failing MAF.

But while my car never experienced this I have been told the intake manifold can develop a leak.

Besides reading any codes: active (CEL on); or possibly pending; not much you can do on your driveway. If there is a throttle reset/calibration procedure for your MY car you could try that. There was one for both my 2002 Boxster and 2003 Turbo. Briefly: Key off. Foot off the gas pedal throughout the entire procedure. Turn the key to on and leave on for at least 60 seconds. At some point during this 60 seconds I could hear some mechanical activity. After 60 seconds turn the key off for at least 10 seconds. The next time the engine is started the throttle calibration is complete. If the CEL comes on -- I don't expect this but just covering the bases... --- read the codes. There's like a problem with the e-Gas/throttle system.

The only time I found the throttle body "dirty" and to the point cleaning might have helped was when the throttle body, specifically the butterfly valve, was wet with oil from what proved to be a bad AOS. Up to you if you want to pull this and clean it. If you remove it handle with care. If you drop it...

Be sure you get the TB installed with *no* intake air leaks. Clean with a residue free cleaner. An electronics component cleaner that comes in an aerosol can. CRC makes something:

Re: 06 987S issue
BLKBOXS - 4 months ago
You do not state how many miles are on your 2006 Boxster S?

I have the same model and year. I have 63K mikes and needed to change my AOS. It got rid of the check engine light and eliminated the idle variations.

Good luck

Thanks for the responses. No codes thrown and car has 151k miles.

Paralizer 06 Boxster S Atlas Grey/Black/Black
Re: 06 987S issue
MarcW - 4 months ago
151K miles if the AOS is orignal is impressive AOS longevity. With my car an AOS lasted around 80K to 100K miles.

My 2002 Boxster had 3 AOS failures. Only the 2nd one manifested any error codes. The 1st one manifested various symptoms. One of the first symptoms was a variable idle coupled with a bit of a stumble/hesitation taking off. At the end -- so to speak -- lots of smoking. Oh, and another late symptom, the oil filler tube cap was impossible to remove with the engine running.

The 2nd AOS when failing did cause a CEL and at least one error code, which I don't recall now but had me suspecting a bad MAF. But after two days of highway driving the 3rd day upon first start in the AM the car just billowed oil smoke and then I knew....

The 3rd AOS failure everything was fine no signs of any issues and I pulled away from a stop light and when I checked the rear view mirror saw clouds of smoke. Thought at first it might be water vapor (a coolant leak) but nope. Oil smoke. The smoking stopped after a bit and I thought I could nurse the car 10 miles to the dealer. But got caught at a long light and the smoking returned and the engine started running rough and without any delay I parked the car in a handy lot in a way the tow truck operator would have no problem getting the car on the flat bed, shut off the engine, and called AAA auto club.
Thanks for all the input. Gives me some ideas to where to look.

Paralizer 06 Boxster S Atlas Grey/Black/Black
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