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Perhaps the best DIY i have ever seen on any topic. It really is astonishing work and must be saved for posterity.

Thanks Trygve for creating this a million years ago and sending it to me recently.


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Yes, it is very detailed, thorough and well written

A nit: It really annoys me that he talks about air bubbles in the brake fluid when you have a fade. It isn't air, it is steam! :-)
Bleeding tip
Boxsterra - 2 years ago
I recently did a brake bleed using an air line with a pressure regulator connected to the brake fluid reservoir. It made the job way easier. There was no Motive bleeder to clean out and no pumping.

Re: Bleeding tip
jg wnc - 2 years ago
That’s pretty cool. Where did you get it? Looks like the pressure was set pretty low, like 5 psi maybe?

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20 psi
Boxsterra - 2 years ago
It's actually not mine I repurposed it from Maurice's paint kit and added the air fittings. Air pressure regulators are very common.

For example (not endorsing this, just did a quick search):

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Re: Bleeding tip
jg wnc - 2 years ago
The regulator is easy - have one of those on my compressor. More interested in the cap that screws on to the reservoir. What did you use? I can see that the air fitting was mounted to it. Nice hack!
Here is another version of the same contraption
Stem valve replacing pump handle
Motive hack

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But if you plan to do 3 or 4 a week, then awesome.

It looks like a very neat idea.
than to clean out the motive bleeder once
It really works well, saves a bunch of time and looks like it was relatively easy to make.

So all in, a great homemade tool.
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