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Window Drop

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Window Drop
vza - 3 months ago
Hi All, Some weird stuff going on with the window drop when getting in and out of the car. 99 boxster base. The right side seems fine. It seems it only half works. Heres what's going on:
Open door from inside get out, shut the door it works(only one time)
Open and shut door repeatedly from the inside without getting out it works
Open door from outside and shut it from outside(without getting in the car) it fails
It seems I only have 1 chance to shut the door from the outside after I get out of the car.
I know there are 3 micros 1. inside door handle 2.outside door handle 3.door open/closed sensor.
The least expensive would be the open/closed sensor PN# 996-613-125-00 is this the one I need to replace. Where is it? Tried to find peering into the door with panel removed of course.
The roof latch appears to work fine.
Thanks Vince
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