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Cup holder

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Cup holder
hpitlick - 3 months ago
The cup holder on my 2003 Boxster still retracts but won’ t stay closed. Anyone know of an easy repair?a
Re: Cup holder
jg wnc - 3 months ago
I had a problem with sticking cup holders on my old 2002 S. I ended up buying a bunch of dashboard parts including cup holders from someone that was tearing into their upper console. I would suggest checking with some of the Porsche dismantlers and pick up the parts used.
Re: Cup holder
grc0456 - 3 months ago
Yeah, don't use the stock cup holders! The are poorly designed and poorly positioned right over your radio and HVAC units (where you don't want to spill anything), and won't securely hold most tall travel cups. I use Ultimate Cupholders in my 2003, which are adjustable and fit within easy reach and out of the way (they tuck up under the seam of the center console carpet. They cost more than other aftermarket units, but are worth it IMHO.


But, I agree to check with a dismantler if you want to replace the OEM units.

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