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What the heck is in that sunscreen?...

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Must have some pretty strong stuff in that sunscreen to do this to these buttons! They put paint stripper in there or something? Had to replace them. Beats buying a whole new unit for $750 though!

Glad you were able to replace the buttons. Where did you get the replacements?

When it happened with my 2006 Boxster, The dealer said the whole unit had to be replaced, which they did under warranty.

I'm not even sure it's the sunscreen since I was off my palms after applying to avoid getting the sunscreen on the steering wheel, shifter and other controls, and still had that problem with the paint flaking off.
Yeah...Porsche doesn’t sell the replacement levers themselves, but there are companies that make aftermarket replacements that hold up better than the original buttons (supposedly). I got mine from Climarepair, but I know MACarbon also sells them.
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