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Question on using a wheel dolly when storing a car

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Way early to start thinking about storing a car, but we moved into a new house, now only have a 2 1/2 car garage to work with and have started thinking about what I need to get in place for this to work.

After taking a measurement, the 981 should fit on one side when being stored and the other two will fit but it will be tight. getting it into position will be a PITA, so the notion of using wheel dollys came to mind to make it easier.

I haven't looked at this product for a very long time--nor used it--but it seems like there are a lot more models on the market at very reasonable prices. The reviews on the product make it sound like a perfect solution, but I wonder about the effect of tires sitting in the cradle for months at time.

Would appreciate views on wheel dollys and particular makes from anyone one that has been using them--thanks in advance for any help.
Just finish the job with a Sawzall.

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^^^ pic
Boxsterra - 3 months ago

Re: ^^^ pic
MikenOH - 3 months ago

I wish I could fit that in the garage.
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