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Steering lock confused smiley

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Steering lock confused smiley
Ed B - 3 months ago
Some time ago I posted that the ignition key in my '04 GT 3 became very hard to turn. (same as Boxster unit). My good friend Damon, Series 900, Sunapee NH, claimed it was the electrical part of the switch. I wasn't so sure.
I tried to remove the switch, but I'm not flexible enough, so Damon came to help. (I help him in his Porsche body shop occasionally). Not the switch.
We removed the key/tumbler unit from the steering lock assembly and some broken die cast pieces fell out. Not a good sign. The unit now turned easily, but the steering lock didn't work.
Replacing the. unit is a big job and expensive. The shop manual says to remove the steering wheel, air bag, column switches and the instrument cluster. I needed a Porsche for an event tomorrow and the GT 3 was blocking the Boxster.
I had recently helped Damon on a 996 TT salvage, (front end fire), that required work and replacement of this unit. We had a bent unit from a wreck that we had taken apart. There is a plastic retaining ring that can be removed to salvage the pieces that were needed for the GT 3. A lot less work than replacing the entire lock.

Why did this happen? My guess is that at some time(s) the key was turned when there was pressure on the steering lock that eventually led to fracture of the part. Take the pressure off the lock before turning the key.

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