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Normally the switch making a clicking sound when I remove the key. Now, there is no click. The car runs great, no starting problems. Is this a warning sign of an eminent failure?


It's not the switch that makes the sound when you pull out the key, it's the mechanical locking mechanism that clunks.
But a faulty switch not returning fully may cause it to get hung up or the locking mechanism sometimes fails as well.
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I make it a point to regularly (a few times a year) to clean my ignition switch with DeoxIT D5 Cleaner to clean the electrical contacts, followed by a spray of DeoxIT S5 Sheid which lubricates the mechanical part and protects the contacts. I think switch in my '03 is original (Pedro would know) and every time I remove the key I get that satisfying "clunk." Give it a try.


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Directly onto the key hole. Insert and remove key a few times to work it in. After a short wait to let the D5 cleaner dry, then spray the S5 shield and repeat with key. If you don't get the clunk when removing the key after this, it sounds like you will need to replace the switch.


2003 Boxster Base - Midnight Blue Metallic, Savanna Beige, Metropol Blue
For the 2000, it's also a cheap fix to replace the switch (although it involves an ability to contort oneself). The part is a Porsche/Audi/VW common part. I got mine (my second one) years ago from the local Audi dealer. You might want to replace it for $20 'cause you can.
It is not "hard" but you really need a VERY small screwdriver.

I actually took a screw bit and built it up with tape to get sufficient traction.
I just replaced it this weekend. Damn it was hard to get to.
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