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Pedro on the plane

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Pedro on the plane
sdm100 - 3 weeks ago
Pedro you looked good on the TV on my JetBlue screen advertising for the real estate company!
... to recognize me.
My son works for the company (Ideal Agent) and asked if I would do a testimonial since I used their services.
I agreed and now I'm famous confused smiley
They're running the ad on all major business channels (Fox Business, MSNBC, etc.)
Happy Porsche'ing,

Pedro Bonilla 1998 Boxster 986 - 293,000+ miles: http://www.PedrosGarage.com
PCA National Club Racing Scrutineer - PCA National HPDE Instructor - PCA Technical Committee (Boxster/Cayman)

Racecar spelled backwards is Racecar
"Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting" ... Steve McQueen as Michael Delaney in "LeMans"
"If you wait, all that happens is that you get older"... Mario Andretti
"Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose" ... Ayrton Senna
i couldn't resist looking for it spinning smiley sticking its tongue out smiling bouncing smiley grinning smiley

video: [ispot.tv]

MY 2000 S, Ocean Blue, Metropol Blue, Savanah Beige. Bought June 2000 - Sold May 2010
Pedro: You are looking good. Remember, there are only three stages in life.

Youth, middle age, and "You're looking good!".
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